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  • Our Mission and Services

    REN! is renewable energy resource nexus dedicated to providing education, research, information, networking, and advocacy to accelerate the transition to an energy economy 100% based on clean renewable energy and energy storage, in conjunction with many other sustainable technologies and practices.

    In particular, REN! is gearing up to provide highly accessible SHORT COURSES in energy science, renewable energy technologies, and clean energy policy advocacy to empower aspiring renewable energy professionals, policymakers, and advocates. These courses will be taught in interactive Zoom courses, held at times that are convenient for working people, and taught by an experienced teacher of physics and renewable energy, physicist and long-time renewable energy advocate Dr. Ben Luce, who specializes in renewable energy technology and advocacy (see testimonials below). We will not assume a strong science or mathematics background in our courses (see further discussion about this below as well). These courses will provide an ideal, rapid, and affordable way to get going in the renewable energy field, or simply a means to increase one’s knowledge of this important area. Topics covered will include:

    • Fundamental concepts about energy and renewable energy resources needed for aspiring renewable energy professionals and advocates to deeply understand renewable energy and energy storage systems.
    • The fundamentals of renewable energy technologies and energy storage technologies in detail, including how they operate, their economics, siting considerations, etc.
    • How conventional energy sources work, to provide an informed awareness of the challenges in transitioning to renewable sources.
    • The ins and out of clean energy policy, and how to be an effective clean energy advocate.

    Certificates of Completion

    Participants who fully participate in a course, complete the course work in a satisfactory way, will receive a registered certificate of course completion that employers can verify with us that you earned. This certificate will be useful as evidence that participants posses solid foundational knowledge for the renewable energy field, and a prospective employer can verify with us via email request that you’ve earned it.

    Strong Math Skills Not Required

    Concerned that your math or technical background is not up to the task? No worries! We will not be assuming a strong science or mathematics background in our courses. In fact, one of REN!’s primary goals is to help bridge the scientific and quantitative gaps that many interested in renewable energy but lacking in formal STEM education face. We believe that having a solid foundational understanding of renewable energy is essentially not only to working with existing RE technology in the field, but also extremely useful to those developing new technologies and integrations, and also for effective clean energy advocacy work, and for discriminating energy fact from fiction in general.

    We will therefore be providing patient, step-by-step explanations of any and all mathematical calculations presented, incorporating a clear review of basic algebra concepts as we do so. We will also show participants how to utilize some freely available but powerful calculation tools that make things easier (calculators are not the easiest tool for such things in fact, and especially now that better tools are available).

    Please explore the other information provided on this site to learn more, and subscribe to our Newsletter below to stay informed about course offering announcements and other developments.


    Here are some testimonials from some of Dr. Luce’s previous students and some of his clean energy colleagues:

    “Dr.Luce’s energy and the environment course provided me with the learning tools to start a career In renewable energy. Learning to breakdown complex renewable energy topics for everyday people has been beneficial with engagement and understanding of the core science. This helped me to prepare for a future career in renewable energy while enabling me to successfully land a job in the field.”

    -Maison DeJesus, Climate Change Studies Major, University of Northern Vermont

    “Ben’s enthusiasm for teaching sustainability concepts is instantly palpable, and his depth of knowledge is a clear testimony to his passion for the subject. All of that is conveyed to his students and peers – and is absolutely one of the driving forces behind my career in Conservation. Ben’s energy is contagious and still inspires me 10 years post-graduation. It is rare to find a teacher so talented in the communication of complex material and keeping students engaged!”

    -Samantha May, Sustainability Studies Major, Lyndon State College

    “I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Ben Luce since the 80s. He is one of the most educated and experienced people in the expanding field of renewable energy. He is always ready to share his passion and all-encompassing view of the field, always with a friendly sense of humor. I would be pleased to work with Ben on any project that I encounter.”

    -Windy Dankoff, remote power pioneer and co-author of “The Solar Water Pumping Handbook.”