Fundamentals of Clean Energy Advocacy


A thorough introduction to conducting highly effective clean energy advocacy and activism. Includes a survey and exploration of current and emerging clean energy policy mechanisms and the differences and relationships between advocacy and lobbying; the differences between advocacy and activism; the structure of legislative, gubernatorial, and regulatory bodies and how to deal properly with each; the structure and governance of nonprofit advocacy organizations; the development, promotion, passage, and implementation of policies; how to work with the media; the ethics of advocacy and advocacy groups; and various strategies, tactics, and rules of advocacy and activism.


Are you considering becoming a clean energy (renewable energy) advocate and/or activist? Not surprisingly, due to pervasive undue corporate influence over governmental and nongovernmental bodies nationwide and worldwide, clean energy advocacy can be one of the most difficult and frustrating endeavors one can undertake. Advocacy work is absolutely essential though to the progress of clean energy, and as such, it can also be one of the most satisfying and impactful endeavors when successful.

If you are interested in becoming an effective clean energy advocate and/or activist, and would like to save yourself years of agonizing trial and error along the way, then this course is for you. Taught by an experienced clean energy advocate, this course will introduce you to everything you need to know in an honest and thorough manner. This will enable you to delve fully and effectively into advocacy and activism work while also fully maintaining your ethical standards and credibility.

It is recommended, although not required, that you take our “Energy Science Fundamentals” and “Introduction to Photovoltaics” courses either prior to or after taking this course: It is important for clean energy advocates to be well informed about basic energy science and renewable energy technology, as the policies relating to them are often quite technical and quantitative in nature, and also because advocates will need to be well informed to maintain their credibility.  Well informed advocates will also likely be much less immune to misleading industry hype from both sides of the issue. A few items about technical credibility are touched on in this course as well, but not at the depth that advocates need to possess.

Course Format: To ensure an effective and interactive learning experience, this course, as well as all courses taught by Renewable Energy Now!, are taught in live-Zoom classes. Online assignments are also provided for participants to complete on their own.  To remain in good standing for the Certificate of Completion, participants must attend fully attend all Zoom sessions and maintain proper “netiquette”, including keeping one’s camera on, although non-identifying, innocuous “Zoom names” may be used. Please make sure in advance that you are able to attend all the sessions of a course and that you have adequate internet service to Zoom (including with video) before registering. Please also see the larger discussion of our Professional Netiquette Rules for more detail.

Dates and Times:  Course times are designed to facilitate those with full-time day jobs. (Please let us know however if this does not match your availability, so that we might accommodate you at a later date). Our next offering of this course will take place on:

  • Dates: October 31-November 2  (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday), 2022.
  • Times: 7-9 pm, EST, with a short break in the middle.

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