Electricity & Electronics Fundamentals


A thorough introduction to the foundational concepts of DC, AC, and Basic Electronics, with a focus on renewable energy and energy storage technologies. Concepts covered include charge, current, voltage, resistance (and impedance in general), series and parallel circuit concepts, DC and AC, Ohm’s Law and Kirchoff’s Laws, power, energy delivery/consumption, etc. Special applications include the “I-V” curves for PV cells and PV system wiring approaches, and fundamental AC power system concepts, including 3 – phase circuits.  After linear DC and AC circuits are covered, the course concludes with an introduction to transistors and diodes. See further details below.


Have you ever wondered what terms like current, amps, voltage, resistance, impedance, watts, and so forth really mean and how they relate to one another? Have you ever wondered how electrical circuits work, and how to predict the power and energy they deliver? Have you wondered exactly how DC and AC circuits differ, and in what respects they are similar? Or what electronic components such as capacitors, diodes, and transistors do and how they are utilized?

If so, or if you need to know these kinds of things to get started in the renewable energy field, then this is the course for you. Taught by an experienced physics and electricity & electronics teacher with special expertise in renewable energy and a love of teaching newcomers to the subject, this course will reveal the mysterious concepts of electricity and electronics once and for all.  You will gain both an intuitive and quantitative understanding of these concepts, and be able to readily grasp the electrical features of renewable energy and (electrical) energy storage devices as a result.

A sample slide on the electrical and power relationships for PV modules wired in parallel. As the slide demonstrates, there is a deep consistency between the electrical relationships for current and voltage and fundamental physics principle of Conservation of Energy. In fact, if one traces the electrical relationships from their beginning, which this course does, one learns that the electrical relationships are completely founded on the fundamental physics principles like Conversation of Energy and also Mass (and hence Charge) to begin with. So the result is not really surprising, but it’s important nonetheless to understand these relationships, and knowing their true foundation actually makes it all much easier to comprehend and remember.


It is recommended, although not required, that you take our “Energy Science Fundamentals Course” prior to taking this course. (The concepts of energy and power are common to the material covered in both).

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