Professional “Netiquette”

We strive to provide an environment that maximally facilitates learning, and encourages enthusiasm for renewable energy and sustainable practices. Participants in our courses are therefore expected to come prepared to give their attention to whomever is speaking and prepared to engage, and to maintain an attitude of respectfulness and professionalism in all interactions.  Instructors reserve the right to remove a participant for unruly, disruptive, crass, or vulgar behavior without providing a refund. Such removal may occur promptly and without further explanation after an initial warning is issued and a second violation occurs.

This said, we still encourage vigorous discussion: We believe in the value of rational discourse and the Socratic Method. Legitimately made and factually supported arguments in discussion are therefore welcome and encouraged. Instructors will preside over all such discussions, and retain the authority to limit the scope and time duration of all discussions in class.

Finally, all sessions will be recorded for documentation and service improvement purposes only, but will not be shared with participants or publicly in any manner, unless subject to court order. Your privacy, security, and right to learn in a safe, supportive environment are paramount to us!