Please click on the icons below for details about each course. As REN! is still in its early stages, there are presently only one offering of each course at this time for Fall 2022. Following the completion of these courses and any necessary adjustments, the Spring 2023 Schedule will be announced. You can also stay apprised of our offerings by subscribing to our Newsletter. Questions can be asked as well via our Contact Form.

Fall 2022 Course Schedule:

  • Basic Energy Science: Sept 19-21, 7 pm-9 pm EST.
  • Electricity & Electronics Fundamentals: Oct 3-5, 7 pm-9 pm EST.
  • Introduction to Photovoltaics: Oct 17-19, 7 pm-9 pm EST.
  • Fundamentals of Clean Energy Advocacy: Oct 31-Nov 2, 7 pm-9 pm EST.

These courses are interactive: They are taught live via Zoom, and questions may be asked during presentations. Follow up consultations, as one-to-one or in groups, as needed, will occur after course presentations conclude, that is, during the week following the presentations, to help participants resolve remaining conceptual gaps and to finish up homework. Certificates of Completion will be awarded after consultations wrap up, about two weeks after the start date of each course. Certificates are awarded to participants who attend the courses and complete the homework assignments with a passing grade.

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